Majorana Zero Modes in Graphene

Ramón Aguado, ICMM-CSIC

In this talk, I will discuss a novel approach to obtain topological superconductivity and Majorana states in graphene-superconductor junctions without the need for spin-orbit coupling [1]. Key to our proposal is the interaction-induced magnetic ordering of graphene’s zero Landau level (ZLL). Coupling this unique state to an s-wave superconductor gives rise to novel edge states whose properties depend on the type of magnetic order. In particular, the canted antiferromagnetic phase is a natural host for Majorana bound states. Our proposal combines effects that were recently demonstrated experimentally (tunable spin ordering of the ZLL [2] and ballistic graphene-superconductor junctions of high transparency [3] operating in the quantum Hall regime [4]) and is thus ready to be tested.

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