Olarain Residence:

The Olarain Residence has an impressive infrastructure: library, computer room, wifi, snack bar, dining room, laundry, gym, sauna, paddle tennis, etc. The residence is used by the students of the Basque Country University as well as by the scientific visitors of the DIPC.


  • Bilbao Airport ↔ Donostia-San Sebastian

    A shuttle bus run by PESA (http://www.pesa.net) connects the Bilbao airport (BIO) located in Loiu and the city of Donostia. The bus arrives now in Donostia at the new bus station, which is underground next to the Train Station. During day time, the bus departs every 30 minutes:

    1. Loiu >> Donostia at hh:15 and hh:45 (bus driver sells tickets, cash only!)
    2. Donostia >> Loiu at hh:00 and hh:30 (PESA ticket office, if open; bus driver, otherwise)
      The bus ticket costs about 17 EUR one way.
  •  Train Station/New Bus Station ↔ Olarain Residence

    1. By taxi: There is a taxi line right in front of the Train Station. Tell the taxi to bring you to the Olarain Residence. The address of the Olarain Residence is:
      Paseo de Ondarreta, 24, 20018 Donostia-San Sebastián, Tel.: 943 00 33 00.
      On  the way back, ask for a taxi at the reception of Olarain.

    2. By bus (http://www.dbus.eus): Take bus 45 at the train station and get down at the stop Majisteritza on the Tolosa avenue 14. Then walk a little bit further along the avenue in the direction of bus movement. Take the first turn to the right on Olarain Kalea and walk till the end of that street. Take a small passage with a bike lane, which is marked by a blue-and-yellow sign "Olarain".
      On the way back, take the bus 45 at the bus stop Majisteritza on the Tolosa avenue 21 and get down at Estaciones RENFE.
  • Conference Venue (Miramar Palace)

    The workshop takes place in the Miramar Palace located on La Concha Bay. The address is:
    Paseo de Miraconcha, 48, Donostia-San Sebastián, Tfno. +34 943 21 90 22
    The Miramar palace is within a 20 minute walking distance (1.5km) from the Olarain Residence. A screenshot of the google map walk is shown below. Also any of the buses 5, 45, and 25 can be taken at the bus stop Majisteritza on the Tolosa avenue 21. Get down at Ondarreta and look for the Miramar Palace on a small hill in front of the beach. A small tunnel goes under that hill.
    Note that the main entrance of the Miramar Place is from the side on its right wing.

Olarain <--> Miramar walk